Paint it gold.

I’ve been pissing and moaning for months.  Why?  Because every time I sit down to paint, to escape, to digest and to express I realize that once again, I’m out of paint thinner.  The result: Allison and one crusty, unsatisfying acrylic painting.  I’m not trying to bash the medium, some people do amazing things with acrylic.  I just don’t happen to be one of them.  After months of complaining it came time.  Time to head to the craft store.  Time to buy some paint thinner.  Time to get back to my fluid love … oil.  Paint thinner, oil paint and a fresh canvas.  A perfect trio.  When I posted up shop at 9PM last night, I didn’t know where the night would go.  When I rose from the floor at 3AM, there it was.  A freshly painted canvas.  It was smooth, it was satisfying.

Life is your canvas.  Paint it gold.


Day 10,006.  I really need to start experimenting with color.



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