The Phamily Continued.

6:30PM.  Whole Foods.  Two pounds of shrimp, one lemon, olive oil, a can of artichokes, a few dashes of fresh dill, and parmesan to top it off.  6:45PM.  Liquor Store.  Chardonnay, a six-pack of 8oz Miller Lite cans, one pint of vodka, red bull and a couple of IPAs.  7:30PM. Ashley’s.  Molly and I invaded the kitchen.  Dave poured the beverages.  Ashley enticed us with Apples to Apples.  Phish dominated the plasma screen.  The night swept us.

Twelve hours later, posted up at the Panski household.  My exact quote.  “I don’t know how to write about last night without making us sound like alcoholics”.  We all have our tendencies; though in day-to-day life I wouldn’t call any of us alcoholics by any means.  I prefer to say indulgent.  However, when we unite.  The story changes.  We bring out the drunk in each other.  Inevitable.

A summary of the last twenty four hours.  Dinner kicked ass.  Dave and I shared far too much wine.  The boys and I ventured out.  We scaled walls.  They climbed a tree.  I hung out in a truck bed.  I fell in love with a rapper.  Two iPhones were lost.  Both were found.  Adam left me in a parking lot.  I managed to escape.  We somehow woke refreshed.  From there we fueled ourselves with tater tots, drank from a fish bowl and ventured through Piedmont Park.  It’s been another epgnar experience in Atlanta.  Tomorrow it’s off to NYC to see another member of the Phamily, Burball.

Day 9,996.  I guess I’ll take a Miller Lite.



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