The Phamily

After five days on the road it was time to hop on a jet plane and cover a little more ground.  The destination, Atlanta.  The crew, phamily. The objective, epgnar reunion.  With the five of us back together again, there is no way that we could go wrong.  Over the years we’ve reunited.  From the tracks of Watkins Glen to the of beaches of Marquette.  Gathered around the stage or sheltered by our tents.  Celebrating good times and learning from the bad ones.  Over the years we’ve reunited.  Every adventure bringing lots of love.  Though this particular reunion was not centered around a holiday or a phishtastic event it was sure to involve just as many good times, a “few” tasty beverages and the perfect amount of laughter.

8:00PM: Catching Up

12:30AM: Spreading the Love

As expected within thirty minutes of arriving, I had a beer in hand and my cheeks already hurt from smiling.  From there the night progressed.  In just seven hours together, as a phamily, we showed Atlanta the definition epgnar (epic, gnarly).  We posted up on outdoor patios.  We made pitchers upon pitchers of domestic brew disappear.  We packed five people into a photo booth.  We invaded the foosball table until bar close. We attracted new friends with our screwball spirits.  We started a band at 4AM.  Cuddle sessions ensued.  Like most amazing evenings the following day has been 100% unproductive.  We’ve feasted on highly caloric foods.  The living room has been transformed into a giant bed.  Dehydrated bodies are sprawled everywhere.  We’ve chosen an educational film to stimulate our minds.  A documentary that is seemingly about white trash.  I’ll give us two more hours to fully recover.  Surely at that point we’ll be back at it again.

Day 9,995.  Chipmunk cheeks.



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