Friday.  3:30PM.  Beer in hand.  Apparently when you’re a teacher, happy hour starts early.  I wasn’t going to complain.  Emily and I posted up at the bar and mingled amongst the Buffalo High School faculty.  After one Bud Light Premium and a few handfuls of extra salty tortilla chips we were off to Minneapolis.  When Emily and I got to Brandon’s, we rallied the crew and ventured out to locate a few of my favorite things.   Domestic beer, pull tabs and shuffleboard.  Big Buckhunter was also discovered, though that doesn’t belong on my list of favorite things (I’m terrible).  As the night progressed the domestic brews disappeared, I made a $17 donation to pull tabs and we got our asses kicked on the shuffleboard.  Come 1Am Red Bull was no longer a viable alternative for sleep.  We called it.

Currently, I’m posted up at Casa de Lisa in Chicago.  Despite an unfortunate incident involving mustard and a white sweater, the 7 hour drive  from Minneapolis was pretty flawless.  Lisa is out of town so my host this evening is Bernice Oliver.  Bernice and I go back a long time.  45 minutes to be exact.  When I first met Bernice she asked to borrow my iPhone.  I had no issue lending it to her.  I plopped the phone on the couch and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water.  When I returned to the living room, there Bernice was with a shit grin on her face, compiling an e-mail to an ex-boyfriend of mine.  Without going in to too much detail I expressed that it probably wasn’t in her best interest to reach out to said ex-boyfriend.  She was understanding an agreed to discard the message.

So, Bernice and I may have gotten off to a bit of an awkward start, but it’s been smooth sailing ever since.   We actually compliment each other pretty well.  My back is a bit sore.  She happens to be an excellent masseuse.  I enjoy taking photos.  She loves to model.  I like Lisa’s red blanket.  She prefers cozying up with my computer case.  My DSLR is my favorite toy.  She enjoys playing with the strap.  All in all, I think our friendship is off to a good start.  Right now she’s trying to give me a high-five.  Or maybe she wants to hold my hand.  Either way, we’re good.

Once Bernice and I have had sufficient time to bond, I’ll probably give her some space and venture out to meet some friends.  There’s really no telling where the night will go.  Last time I stayed at Casa de Lisa my 7PM dinner plans ended in a sunrise.  Hoping to get more sleep this time around.

Day 9,992.  From the windy city.



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