Mary Elizabeth Bue

My computer was shut down.  My bags were packed.  My house was clean (enough).  Come 4:00PM on Wednesday it was time for me to hit the road.  My first stop was Duluth to see the wonderful, talented – Mary Elizabeth Bue.  Mary and I initially met in Seattle.  Our midwestern ties brought us together, our creative spirits made us friends and our nomadic nature has allowed us to keep in touch.

Whether off to harvest seaweed, tour the country as a musical muse or practice yoga in the park.  One thing is for certain.  Mary’s life has no dull moments.  She embraces what is thrown at her, applies a positive perspective and usually comes out of it with a smile and a squeal.  Whenever I have the opportunity to see Mary, I know three things will be true.  One, I’m going to learn to see something differently.  Two, I’m going to experience one hell of a laughter workout.  And three, I’m going to walk away feeling refreshed.  This visit was certainly no different.

When I arrived in Duluth Mary was posted up behind the sound booth at Amazing Grace.  Good music in the air, ginourmous sandwiches in front of us and a lot to catch up on, we dove right in.  From love to passion.  From restlessness to contentment.    From pain to forgiveness.  By 8:30PM we had shared our recent trials and triumphs. By 8:45PM we were off, seeking $3 glasses of Duluth’s finest.  The night started with karaoke and unintentionally ended … with karaoke.  Mary freed her mind.  I struck a bullseye.  The rest did follow.  Hours of laughter, a couple of dance lessons and a Billy Joel song later it was time to retire.

When I woke in the morning, the french press was waiting for me.  Mary was posted up in the corner of the kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee and letting the musical sounds of her new and pretty spectacular boyfriend, sweep her.  A few audio samples later our bellies started to call.  We ventured back to Grace, feasted on curry infused tofu scrambles and then scooted out for a Lake Superior stroll.  Come 12:00PM after a quick stop at Electric Fetus it was time for our last planned activity.  Yoga in the courthouse.  With our mats we sat, surrounded by a lunch crew of female attorneys, exploring strength without excess.  Shavasana.  Namaste.

Once again Duluth, you surely did not disappoint.  On to the twin cities.

Day 9,991.  Thank you Mary.



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