World Cup is in the air!! Every corner store is selling flags, football gear, and jerseys. Yesterday we started out with a walking tour of the city, led by an Irishman who planned on coming to Munich for 3 months and has been here 18 months thus far. It was nice to see all the sights and actually know the history behind them.

After our cultural adventure we ventured out to join all the festivities. The USA vs. Czech game was on last night so we all headed down to Olympic Park to join what I like to call the largest tailgate party I have ever seen, and yes I graduated from Michigan State so I know what I am talking about. We bought American flags and wore them as capes and skirts. There were a lot of Americans down there but the majority of people were rooting against us. It was a tough loss, but the German beer made it easier to handle. I am confident we will beat Italy and Ghana so we will be A-Okay!!!

After the game we sadly removed our flags from our backs and came back to the hostel to hang out with some guys that we had met (from Ohio?) They headed out to the bars, but after two days without sleep we made an informed decision to go to bed. Currently my clothes are in the LAUNDRY, which is much needed, believe me. After a little housekeeping we are going to head to the Neuschwanstein Castle – which is the castle that the disney castle was modeled after (I used castle three times in that sentence – sorry couldnt think of a synonym). My bed this evening will be another night train to Florence where I am meeting up with ANGIE!!! I am really excited to see her and guide her through her first experience off the North American Continent.

continued …

We just got back from the castle. Just amazing!! I think I was more impressed with the sight of the mountains, lakes, and woods than the castle itself. I got a little teary eyed when we started hiking because it reminded me of MQT. It was really nice to get away from city life for a day. I am just bummin around now until my train leaves. Off to Florence!!

Much love from Euro-Land!



4 thoughts on “Munich

  1. Hello Hon,Well, Angie will be flying out today. I’ll be anxious to hear that you’re together. She’s pumped! What an exciting time to be in Munich! Keep those blogs coming – I check it about 100 times a day! I’m sure you know me well enough to realize that I’m not kidding, ha!Keep on keeping on!Love you TONS!!Momxo

  2. Watch out for those Italian Stallions and Casanovas! 😉 winkand remember…You, Ang,a loaf of Italian w/cheese,& a bottle of Vino…bond & plant memories. :)Luv, Aunt Amy

  3. Al,I couldn’t reach Angie either and by now she should be enroute from Montreal to Munich. She’ll have to wing it and go with the original plan of hanging out at the train station until her train comes. I’m anxious for her to join you in Italy.Love you,Momxo

  4. dont let any hooligans steal your heart over there…fbook marriages are still valid even if your on a different continent!keep it real.

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